Often we receive testimonials. They speak to the advances our young scholars achieve in social interaction, personal behaviour, speech, and academic learning. As parents tell us, Mindstretch children literally beg to come to school. 

Our tribute essays give a fuller picture of some learners’ stories. 


Shared by his mother, Sheeham ​
At my son Yaghya’s graduation, his teacher spoke of her pride in her boys, how hard they had worked, how much they had achieved, and how they had grown.

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Shared by his grandmother, Sindi​
It began as it should, with excitement: By 18 months of age, Oame was showing amazing word recognition capabilities. He could also read,

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Shared by his mother, Kasonga​

We have come far with our boy. While writing this testimonial, I find I am no longer filled with anger towards the previous school that let Ryan down.

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Shared by his mother, Joy​
My journey with my son Elkan started long before he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age four and a half.

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The Mindstretch Way

We believe that every child can reach their full potential if learning challenges are addressed early in development. We individualise our programme to the needs of each child. Progress and inclusion are our goal.