We share here a sub-selection of representative testimonials received from our Mindstretch Preschool clients.

PRESCHOOL:  Representative Feedback 

Please click here for a Tribute Essay by the grandmother of the Mindstretch website ‘poster boy,’ young Oame.

Parents’ Testimonials:

“Okay so happy I want to cry! Sounds dramatic I know, but after everything my son and I have been through your school feels like it fell from heaven! Thanks.”

“I saw our daughter’s photo you sent out the other day. I adore that one; she is looking up to the heavens while she is in deep concentration. You have no idea how much joy this milestone bring to us: this is a child that never breastfed and did not drink any fluids through her mouth until she was nearly 3. At a certain point, I thought she would never know how it feels to drink a glass of water…”

“As you know, our son has been accepted at Vista Nova. At a time like this, a ‘thank you’ simply doesn’t seem like enough but the words escape us and we simply cannot express the emotions we are going through at this point in time. Though we are extremely excited at this prospect, we would be failing in our duty if we did not sincerely thank the Mindstretch family who adopted our son as their own during the last few months. The kindness, support and encouragement shown has surely contributed greatly to the development and growth of our son as a learner and as an individual. He has grown in leaps and bounds and this is in no small part due to the calibre of people with whom he has been surrounded, which has aided him in reaching his potential. We are shedding tears, but instead of these being tears of sadness, they are tears of extreme gratitude and for the sincerity shown towards us by Mindstretch. Just as a house is only as strong as the foundation upon which it is laid, so we will be eternally grateful for the platform which Mindstretch has laid in our son’s life.”

“I am SO happy and relieved our son settled so well and is happy. I don’t know if it is my imagination or not, but I am sure he is calmer at home today. After school today he said the “new school is fun”. I have never heard him use the word fun before and he is speaking more, it is amazing on the first day. I am sure I can see a difference already. Also he is not so utterly exhausted as he usually is. This afternoon he was playing on the computer, but I asked him to finish his game as I needed the computer. He was about to have a temper tantrum, slam the door and hit and push me (as usual), but he stopped himself and didn’t do what he usually does. When he wanted a sandwich he wanted to do it, but was struggling buttering it so I tried to help and he let me show him how to butter his sandwich without shouting at me to leave him, like he usually does. He seemed to listen to me better as well. I am so excited that he is only going to improve!!!!”

“Just to express my gratitude and say thank you for all the amazing effort you put into our son and his development. I had my first ever interactive telephone conversation with him last week. And for the first time ever, he was responding, asking questions, answering correctly and not parroting. We’ve never had an interactive conversation on the phone, only in person. The phone was always one sided.”

“It was very stressful getting a fit for our son. I remember the difficulty and agony we went through. He was a misfit everywhere. Your school offered hope and unconditional acceptance.”

“I must say the school’s input is really evident, even the improvement on his social skills is amazing. We visited a family on Sunday and he had a brilliant play and interactive afternoon with kids of our host family.”