Covid-19 Modifications: Our standard school hours are subject to modification during the coronavirus threat. We adhere to a strict Covid-19 Health & Hygiene Protocol that conforms with government legislation and scientific guidance.

Delivering Comprehensive Tuition

Mindstretch Preschool provides a nurturing, therapeutic and educational environment for children with mild to moderate learning challenges, including those on the autism spectrum. We deliver facilitated learning with reference to the National Curriculum: our ultimate objective is to equip learners, wherever possible, for ‘inclusive education’. We individualise our tuition programme to the needs of each child, with regular progress monitoring and reporting. In this way we achieve best results.

Providing a Nurturing Environment

Located in Cape Town’s Pinelands neighbourhood, we provide an intimate, child-friendly environment designed to facilitate learning and keep distractions and stress to an absolute minimum.

Preschool Hours

Our standard school day runs from 07h30–08h30 to 12h30/13h00.

Aftercare is available to either 14h30 or to 17h00.

Programme Overview

  • Mindstretch offers several classes and programmes for children aged 3 through 10. We maintain a low pupil-to-teacher ratio.
  • Our teachers are highly qualified, in keeping with national standards. We seek a minimum NQF level 6 for teaching the higher grades, and a minimum NQF level 4 qualification for teaching the lower grades and younger children.
  • All our educators are special needs trained. All are proficient in HANDLE®, facilitating our coordinated educational and therapeutic approach. They also receive Autism Western Cape training.
  • HANDLE® therapy is provided every day, in order to assist the building of neurological pathways that promote learning. We apply other optimal learning approaches such as Brain Gym® and tablet learning where appropriate.
  • Gross motor activities include climbing, trampoline work, ball skills, balance work and more. Fine motor skills are similarly developed, with activities tailored to a child’s ability. Sensory integration activities include ‘messy play’, gardening and related pursuits.
  • We address social skills, including greeting, turn taking and reciprocal play, and expressing emotions appropriately, among other considerations.
  • Speech therapy is available on an extramural basis, as provided on Mindstretch premises. Occupational therapy also is available.
  • Structured movement classes and baking lessons are just two of the extras Mindstretch provides.
  • Each child’s progress is reviewed monthly, and amended as needed, in order to ensure ongoing stimulation and optimal learning.
  • Our Aftercare programme includes supervised activities, storytelling and playtime, with inclusion of appropriate rest periods.

The Mindstretch Way

We believe that every child can reach their full potential if learning challenges are addressed early in development. We individualise our programme to the needs of each child. Progress and inclusion are our goal.