Calming Interventions

If ever there was a time for calming interventions, it’s now! 2020 has been brutal with COVID-19 disrupting every life. We have some tips for how to calm things down … But, first off there’s differentiating tantrums from meltdowns. All children have tantrums, but meltdowns are a whole different thing. We want to avoid them. […]

Stacks of Fun & Learning

We’re all spending more time at home. We’re searching for new and interesting things to do with our children, something we don’t need to spend a fortune on. Stacking is one such activity. Children have fun and it helps their development. These are some of the benefits: Improves hand–eye coordination. Improves fine motor skills and […]

Lilla: My Daughter’s Remarkable Journey

Lilla joined Mindstretch at age 4. Her hair was a gorgeous flyaway strawberry blonde. It still is. But other things have changed. She’s reached above and beyond to realise her potential. Her mom tells us how … Lilla joined Mindstretch in early 2016. That was five years earlier, when she was still everybody’s ‘Lillakie’. She […]

Digitization for Enhanced Learning

At Mindstretch Preschool we harness the power of digital learning. Every child in our Grade R class has their own Tablet, together with access to evidence-based educative apps that are tailored to the individual learner’s needs. And, we go even further: all of our learners, whatever their age or class, get at least 30 minutes of Tablet time every day.

Mindstretch Newsletter 3

Click here for Mindstretch Newsletter 3. Please download our third Mindstretch Newsletter and read more about everything from hula hoops to genetic influences in autism. We hope you enjoy it and we welcome your feedback.

Cycling Programme

Our cycling track at Mindstretch Preschool is a big hit. Not only is it fun but cycling also helps learning. It promotes interhemispheric integration by using both sides of the body equally, and thereby both sides of the brain. It also strengthens the vestibular system (the sensory system governing sense of balance, spatial orientation and movement). Freewheel […]

Mindstretch Newsletter 1

We’ve now launched the Mindstretch Newsletter. In these quarterly updates we will share our knowledge and experience, new research findings of interest, and key Mindstretch news events. Our goal is to keep the content practical and relevant to our readers, sharing hints and tips on how to help children with learning challenges develop optimally and […]

Mindstretch Preschool 2014

The Mindstretch Preschool launched in January 2014, providing a customised programme for preschoolers with special learning needs, preparing them for ‘inclusive education’. View the Preschool page for further details, and the Testimonials page for parents’ feedback.

Work with Western Cape Schools

View the Our Approach page to see our video showcasing application of the HANDLE® approach through Mindstretch. Selected scenes show training at full service schools (Western Cape Education Department), where the objective was to educate and empower teachers. Other scenes show individual therapy sessions for learners with autism and cerebral palsy.