Calming Interventions

If ever there was a time for calming interventions, it’s now! 2020 has been brutal with COVID-19 disrupting every life. We have some tips for how to calm things down … But, first off there’s differentiating tantrums from meltdowns. All children have tantrums, but meltdowns are a whole different thing. We want to avoid them. […]

Stacks of Fun & Learning

We’re all spending more time at home. We’re searching for new and interesting things to do with our children, something we don’t need to spend a fortune on. Stacking is one such activity. Children have fun and it helps their development. These are some of the benefits: Improves hand–eye coordination. Improves fine motor skills and […]

Lilla: My Daughter’s Remarkable Journey

Lilla joined Mindstretch at age 4. Her hair was a gorgeous flyaway strawberry blonde. It still is. But other things have changed. She’s reached above and beyond to realise her potential. Her mom tells us how … Lilla joined Mindstretch in early 2016. That was five years earlier, when she was still everybody’s ‘Lillakie’. She […]