About Valerie Southgate

Valerie Southgate directs Mindstretch communications. She further serves as Non-Executive Director.

Valerie is a scientist, strategic communicator and creative storyteller. She has 30 years’ experience in business. In the 1990s she founded a UK-based medical communications agency. In the 2000s she expanded her offering to strategic global communications, based in the US. Now she serves companies and causes that deliver social and environmental good. She considers Mindstretch Preschool as emblematic of this.

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When Jennifer decided to launch Mindstretch, I knew she would be successful, helping many along the way. I also knew it was time to roll up my sleeves and help my sister to realise her magnificent dream.

I help deliver a pragmatic objectivity to Mindstretch strategic planning and communications. I believe in science and evidence-based methodologies. I believe in leveraging experience with invention and creativity. I believe in Mindstretch.


Our Philosophy

Mindstretch commits to serving community. The Preschool is one of very few early intervention schools for learning-challenged children in the Western Cape. By helping these children, we help their parents and siblings, and everyone gets a chance to reach their potential. By investing in Mindstretch staff, we serve them and our learners, and we all grow. At Mindstretch Preschool we follow the need and embrace innovation as we go.

The Mindstretch Way

We believe that every child can reach their full potential if learning challenges are addressed early in development. We individualise our programme to the needs of each child. Progress and inclusion are our goal.