Our expert Teachers work with patience and empathy, recognising always the importance of every child

About Jennifer

Jennifer is an Educator and Entrepreneur. With over 20 years’ experience in education, Jennifer is dedicated to assisting children with learning and behaviour challenges. Jennifer is a certified HANDLE® (Holistic Approach to Neuro Development and Learning Efficiency) Practitioner. She has completed the advanced training and has been affiliated with The HANDLE® Institute for many years. Her multifaceted experience covers therapy, training and teaching, and early child development. She is a qualified Teacher.

I opened Mindstretch Preschool on a summer day in January 2014. I opened in order to address unmet need in the community. The inspiration came from a few clients whose children I was helping with HANDLE® therapy. “Please open a school”, they said, “there’s nowhere else for our children to go”. And so I did.

Excellence, knowledge, commitment and empathy are the pillars of Mindstretch Preschool. Our Teachers recognise the importance and individuality of every child they teach. We pursue progress and learning. We do so by building on a foundation of trust and love.


Dedicating a Career to Service and Education

  • Founded the Mindstretch Preschool in Cape Town for mild to moderately challenged learners in 2014 with the ultimate aim of facilitating ‘inclusive education’.
  • Over a decade of experience in tailored therapeutic plans for children and young adults, with delivery both nationally and internationally.
  • Over 65 workshops, training and teaching events, together with numerous community information lectures, delivered nationally and internationally. These include events for the South African Departments of Basic Education and Higher Education and Training. HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) and SACE (South African Council of Educators) accreditation awarded to select courses.
  • Previously founded Funda Fun, an extramural movement-based playgroup designed to stimulate learning through interactive activities targeting gross and fine motor skills.

The Mindstretch Way

We believe that every child can reach their full potential if learning challenges are addressed early in development. We individualise our programme to the needs of each child. Progress and inclusion are our goal.