Radhi's Tribute says so much about Mindstretch School for children with mild to moderate learning challenges.
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Shared by his mother, Rushda

Radhi came to us 6 years ago, soon after being diagnosed with autism. Thanks to his mother for this tribute to Mindstretch. And, more than that, thanks to Radhi for his hard work and inspiring journey.

Radhi is Diagnosed with Autism

Radhi was diagnosed with Autism in 2014, at the age of 2. I was overjoyed when, around the same time, I came across an article in the local newspaper about Mindstretch School opening in Pinelands. Though Radhi was too young to attend the school at the time, I immediately called to find out more.

Radhi Reaches His Potential, a Tribute to Mindstretch

We began doing HANDLE sessions at home that Principal Jen recommended until Radhi was able to attend Mindstretch School in 2015. Being the parent of a non-verbal child, it meant the world to us to know that he had well trained teachers, a knowledgeable Principal, and a safe and caring environment.

Radhi is a sweet, happy little boy who struggles with focus and anxiety. During his 6 years at the school, I can confidently say that the Mindstretch team explored every avenue to address Radhi’s challenges. He enjoyed the structured environment and was treated with love, patience and kindness. They made sure he had every opportunity to succeed.

“Well trained teachers, a knowledgeable Principal, and a safe and caring environment.”

A Tailored Programme Maximizes Radhi’s Success

Mindstretch ensured Radhi had everything he needed to navigate his day with less anxiety, to keep him focused on tasks, and to facilitate potty training. Most recently, Radhi’s final year was spent with a wonderful Mindstretch tutor who was instrumental in ensuring his acceptance to his new school. 

Radhi has become a calmer little boy, able to focus longer and complete tasks in a meaningful way. This is a tribute to Mindstretch and their approach to education for children with special needs.

Radhi Joins Mindstretch School - admitting children from age 2.5.

Mindstretch Cares About the Child

I am eternally grateful to Jennifer Southgate. She was an incredible source of support and someone I could turn to at times of uncertainty. I felt that Jennifer and all the staff were interested in Radhi’s wellbeing and cared about him as a person, a little boy who needed help, as well as his success as a learner at school. We feel blessed to have had the Mindstretch team as part of Radhi’s journey.

“Mindstretch made sure Radhi had every opportunity to succeed.”

We asked Principal Jennifer to comment:

I first met Rushda at a workshop I led in 2014. It’s been a joy to work with her wonderful, gentle boy since he was 3. His smile will always be remembered. So will his love of the swing set! By starting intervention early, his parents gave us the chance to ensure Radhi reached his potential. His recent acceptance to his new school is part of the success story. We look to help facilitate the succession of our children to their next steps in learning and life. 

Radhi’s happy journey through early education may be a tribute to Mindstretch but we couldn’t have done it without his family’s commitment and Radhi’s own courage, lovely nature and hard work.

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Mindstretch School for children with mild to moderate learning challenges.
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