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Great Child Photography

Childhood moments are precious and fleeting. Unexpectedly a baby tooth falls out and a new smile begins. There’s not a moment to lose. Follow our Top Ten Tips for great child photography!

Our Top Ten Tips for Photographing Children

Perspective: The best shots come when you get to the child’s level. Try crouching or kneeling to reach their eye level.

Details: Include little details in your photos, such as hands, feet and hair. Don’t make it only about a smiling face.

Prediction: Any parent knows the importance of thinking ahead. It’s a vital tool in getting a good shot. Watch where a child is headed, and try to anticipate what they might do next.

Candid: Get shots when the child isn’t aware of the camera. You’ll lose the cheesy grin and get an honest portrait, though it does mean keeping your camera nearby.

Play: Posed photos can be great, but they may end up looking forced. Relax and play with your child and shoot as you go. Don’t be afraid to be silly!

Environment: Use the space around you to make a beautiful photo. Find an interesting patch of light, a quiet corner, a flowering bush, and use it. And beware an ugly or untidy background.

Light: Avoid making the child squint into the sun. Shoot to the side or have soft back lighting. Best times for an outdoor shoot are early morning or late afternoon when the light is soft.

Experiment: Let your creativity flow. Don’t get stuck in one style or approach. Rather break the rules – tell your story through your lens in exactly the way you want to.

Patience: If the child doesn’t want to be photographed, don’t force them. Try again later. This will help avoid them growing to dislike the camera.

Equipment: If the photographs are important to you, and if you can afford it, invest in a good camera, because quality equipment is key for a truly excellent image. 

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Roxanne is the official photographer for Mindstretch. She has years of experience in achieving great child photography. 

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