Slant Board Writing
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New Slant on Writing

New Year, New Enhancements! We keep pushing for improvement at Mindstretch. In 2021 we trialed slant board writing. A great success. Now we take the technique into all our classes.

  • A slant board is an inclined surface angled at between 20-23 degrees.
  • Read below how we supported a local craftsman in making them.

The FIVE slant board writing BENEFITS we want:

1. Optimal Body Positioning

Writing or reading on a flat surface often leads to a slumped posture, raised shoulders, and a dropped head as the child looks down. Using our slant boards raises the line of vision, and prevents slouching.

2. Good Wrist Extension for Pencil Grasp 

Wrist flexion is key to a good pencil grasp, which in turn is important for handwriting. Slant boards encourage wrist extension and fluidity during writing. We find this helps the pencil grasp. It also helps deliver the right amount of muscle force in holding a pencil.

3. Strong Visual Tracking

Having the text on the same plane helps visual tracking. The child doesn’t need to refocus their eyes as they scan through a page. 

4. Good Paper Positioning

The slant board provides more equal distancing to an entire piece of paper, letting a child reach from the top to the bottom of the page with ease.

5. Paper Stabilization

A child needs good bilateral coordination skills in order to hold the paper still with the non-dominant hand while writing. Often our children struggle with this. Using the slant boards with a clip to hold the paper in place allows them to better concentrate on their tasks.

We Support Local

‘Made in China’ slant boards cost hundreds of Rands. After we’d trialed the technique, we decided to work locally to make our slant boards in bulk. 

We thank craftsman and handyman Shelton (shown in the banner photo) for his excellent work. 

  • Got a project you need help with? Reach Shelton at 078 519 3296.

Employing local artisans fits with our commitment to serving our community.

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