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Soothing Spinal Massage

The Two-Finger Spinal Massage is a HANDLE® technique. Our teachers will try the spinal massage on children who need soothing. Most times it works beautifully.

  • HANDLE = Holistic Approach to Neuro Development and Learning Efficiency.

Use the technique to relax your own child, if they’re open to the touch. Use it prophylactically and regularly. Just before sleep is a good time.

Step by Step Soothing Spinal Massage

  1. Have your child lie on a bed on their stomach – or they can sit or stand.
  2. Begin at the neck. Place the index and middle finger of one hand on either side of your child’s spine. 
  3. Slowly drag your fingers downwards, ending at the waist. Use a comfortable pressure and a smooth, even motion.
  4. If your child is clothed, pull the fabric taut so that crumpling does not interfere with the movement.
  5. Repeat the massage a few more times in the same direction, from top to bottom, until the child relaxes. Try doing it for a minute – or for longer if your child is calm and enjoying it.

For the Child Who Needs Energizing

It’s energizing when you reverse the motion, moving from the waist to the neck. Use this upwards movement if your child is listless or lacks energy, but avoid it if your child is agitated.

HANDLE® therapy is provided daily at Mindstretch Preschool, in order to assist the building of neurological pathways that promote learning. 

All Mindstretch teachers receive training in HANDLE.

Learn more about HANDLE here: The HANDLE Institute.

Jen - Mindstretch Preschool
Principal Jennifer is a certified HANDLE Advanced Practitioner.

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