Mindstretch Preschool - We take a multidisciplinary approach to a wide variety of learning challenges and developmental delays

Mindstretch School

Our school serves children with learning challenges and developmental delays. We have done so since 2014. Our coordinated educational and therapeutic programme ensures every learner achieves their potential.

Moving from Labelling to Enabling

At Mindstretch we look beyond the ‘labels’ to the causes underlying learning or behavioural difficulties. Having identified the causes, Jennifer and her educators develop individualised programmes aimed at strengthening and building the neurological pathways vital for learning and optimal functioning.

Our Approach is science-based. We follow tried and tested methodologies, but with the understanding that good teaching is also an intuitive art. Our teachers are highly qualified, in keeping with national accreditation standards. All are special needs trained.

You will find Mindstretch School a nurturing environment.

  • There is no limit to the efforts we go to in order to ensure every learner’s growth.
  • Our children get HANDLE® Therapy every day.
  • They work on their literacy and numeracy.
  • They get to develop their fine motor skills and their social skills.
  • They love their time spent on gross motor activities and ‘messy play’.
  • Learning is made fun and so they learn to love learning!

For an idea of what we achieve, see our Testimonials below or read our stories under Tributes. Please Contact Us to learn more.


The Mindstretch Way

We believe that every child can reach their full potential if learning challenges are addressed early in development. We individualise our programme to the needs of each child. Progress and inclusion are our goal.