Mindstretch carefully designs and tailors each therapeutic session to the individual’s needs in order to get the most out of the programme’s methodology. A rational step-wise approach is implemented:

Initial Intake Questionnaire
Clients complete an initial Intake Questionnaire that is designed to provide the HANDLE® Practitioner (Jennifer Southgate) relevant background information on the individual’s various sensory systems and other relevant supportive systems.

The Assessment
An initial 2-hour assessment is conducted to identify the underlying causes of the individual’s learning challenges. The individual will be observed as they perform a unique battery of rapport-building adaptive activities and tasks. This enables the Practitioner to fully understand and chart a profile of the individual’s core neurological processing. Parents are encouraged to attend the assessment, as relevant.

The Activity Programme
The results of the assessment are presented in a 1.5-hour feedback session, with comprehensive explanation of the findings related to the individual’s neurological processing skills. A customised programme of activities is provided, together with clear guidance on their implementation. Individuals are filmed while undertaking the tailor-made take-home movement programme and provided a DVD copy for future reference. Sustainable progress depends on the exercises being performed for 20 to 30 minutes daily.

Monthly Review
Monthly reviews are conducted for the duration of the programme in order to track and record progress, with exercises updated as required. A 6-month follow-up is typically recommended, with each monthly review requiring 1 hour.