Thanks are Due

Thank you to Jeannette Hille for her informative and helpful lecture on child behaviour management. Thanks too to all those who attended our May Community Lecture.

Who’s The Boss?

Our May Community Lecture is coming soon. Join us and learn how to help your children behave the way you wish they would.

Newsletter 17

Our latest newsletter is now available: Newsletter 17. In it, learn about the dangers of too much for screen time for children and how to limit it. Read also about one child’s 4-year journey with Mindstretch – and there’s more…


Love Abounds

Whether in the Classroom or at our recent Family Picnic, love abounds at Mindstretch. Happy, secure children learn best.


Thank You for Attending

Thanks to all her joined our HANDLE seminar recently held in Cape Town! 

For more on the HANDLE approach that we apply in our therapy and at Mindstretch Preschool,  please visit

Rounding Off 2018

It’s been a wonderful fifth year for Mindstretch Preschool. Every one of our children has made excellent progress. I’m proud of the hard work they do, and equally proud of the Mindstretch Teachers who make every minute of every day count. 

With many thanks for the trust and support, 

Newsletter 16

We’ve tried something a little different in this newsletter: a photographic article showing techniques for developing prewriting skills. We hope you enjoy it. Click here to download Mindstretch Newsletter, Issue 16.

Our New Tea House

Not every preschool can boast a Botanical Tea House, but Mindstretch can, thanks to our friend Alison Prest, who designed the wonderful corner. Mindstretch children love visiting the Tea House during break-time, practicing their social skills as they go.

Newsletter 15

For our latest newsletter, please click here: Mindstretch Newsletter 15. In it we explain why we begin enrolling from as young as 3 years. Mindstretch photographer Roxanne also shares tips on how to get the best from photographing your children. Meet too the Firefighters who visit our school. We hope you enjoy the read!

Learn from Mindstretch’s Consultant OTs

Please mark your calendars for our next Community Lecture: Sat May 26, Pinelands Public Library, 9.00–11.30am.

Mindstretch Consultant OTs Zoë and Faatima will discuss Occupational Therapy for Sensory Integration and Controlling Screen Time

Email for more details and to register.