Mindstretch Newsletter 13

Our final Mindstretch Newsletter of 2017 is now available.

Sincere thanks are due Richard Rogers of Bendels Consulting for his piece focused on disability tax relief. Given that we are approaching the often party-filled year-end, it also seemed a good time to review the ingredients of a successful party.

Happy reading, and we wish all our friends a successful, satisfying and peaceful end of year.

Educative Excursions

We have had much fun this past term with several excursions. With each, we seek to develop our children, be it in the physical, intellectual and/or emotional realms. Pinelands Library, the Aquarium, and the Planetarium were just a few of Term 4’s outings. Visits to Gordon’s Gym, the Playshed, and learning football with Apex Football Club have been others. 

Mindstretch Newsletter 12

Our ‘celebratory’ Mindstretch Newsletter 12 is now available. My thanks to all who have supported me and Mindstretch since we began our work in the early 2000s, and also to those involved in and/or supporting Mindstretch Preschool, now in its fourth year.

With gratitude, Jennifer

Marble Painting

Since returning to school for Term 3 earlier this week, we’ve done all sorts of wonderful things, including marble painting. This simple exercise is good for hand-eye coordination, and it lets us create some interesting paintings.

Mindstretch Newsletter 11

Please click here to download our Mindstretch Newsletter 11. It features an essay by the grandmother of our website ‘poster boy,’ Oame. One of the founding pupils from January 2014, Oame is now in Grade 2, and he is flourishing. Thanks too to Philna Badenhorst for her article on music therapy. 

Happy Holidays

Mindstretch wishes all our scholars, families and friends a happy Easter break – and chocolate.

Mindstretch Newsletter 10

Mindstretch Newsletter 10 is available. Download it here, or sign up to have future quarterly issues emailed to you. Issue 10’s central article considers the importance of brain interhemispheric integration, if our children are to achieve their best. Thanks also go to Katie Hamilton for her update on autism research at UCT.

Summertime Swimming

IMG_5206Mindstretch swimming lessons are ongoing on an extramural basis. We focus on the fundamentals, including pool entry and exit, floating, back and front swimming, and stroke improvement. We invite both Mindstretch learners and any other interested children to apply. We make learning to swim fun.

Mindstretch Newsletter 9

rscn4008Issue 9 of the Mindstretch Newsletter is available. Please download it here; or sign up to have future issues emailed directly to you, as they come available. Thank you to Jacqui Couper for her article on early intervention. And, thank you to everyone who has helped Mindstretch to serve our young learners and wider community in 2016!